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July 2016
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We have Camped here for over 25 years. It is Beautiful. I have given it ONE STAR FOR OVERALL EXPERIENCE BECAUSE. It should now make a sign at the Entrance to stipulate "If your not Active Duty Don't Bother to Ask About Reservations". It used to be usable for Retired but not anymore, as an Example Active Duty Reserve ALL Holidays such as 4th of July one year in Advance. Indeed I spoke with folks who before leaving Book the Next Year. I have nothing against giving our Active Duty Priority. However, I do wonder why the 76 year old Vietnam Vet is for the most part completely excluded from using this Facility due to Availability. It seems that the Older Vet who served 20 years and more should get a little bit more consideration. That is my Opinion and I hope the Managers can make this more equitable in sharing rights such as Camp Pendelton and other Military Facilities where the time frame does NOT Extend to one year. Also I might point out that so many things can change in one year I believe the Cancellation rate maybe quite high? 
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April 10, 2017
You are so right. It's impossible to get reservations if you're retired. Which has made me HATE fiddlers. Active duty, as you say, can reserve a year in advance AND they can cancel or no-show almost up to the last minute, without penalty. This stinks because some active duty make the reservations whether or not they have confirmed their availability. Many times we have driven through there and have seen several open spots, even on waterfront sites. We ask and the office tells us there is no availability. Which is BS. It's inconsiderate of Active Duty to either not cancel, or cancel last minute, and it's unfair of the management to basically block retirees, pretty much year-round. We can't even park in the parking lot to enjoy a day on the coast. I don't claim to know why someone wouldn't show up, but to hold the spot is rude, rude, rude. I can call every day and there are no cancellations. Further more, there is not even a waitlist. So if there was a cancellation, the reservation would go to the next caller even one has called a dozen times in a day. It's like trying to win a prize on a radio contest. The location is great. We were there one fourth of July and we loved it. I'll be shocked if we're ever get in there again on a holiday or any other weekend for that matter. It was better when it was a dirt lot with dry spaces. Now that it's paved, it's 100% unavailable unless you can go on a Wednesday or if you can park on base and call the office non-stop. Those of us who are retired after having served 30+ years but have started second careers that don't permit 30 personal calls/day, are SOL. Del Mar Beach and San Onofre are getting just as bad. Gee we can still get into Adm Baker's Field if we want to go to a park. Not worth the hassle of getting the rig out of storage to go ride the swings.
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