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I would like more than anything in the world to give this facility 5's down the line but there are issues that prevent me from doing so. Mainly the lack of fire pits/rings on the sites. I understand that it's a city ordnance that prevents to use of open fire chimney/pits/rings HOWEVER, spots 47-59 clearly allow them as we were told upon check in. And while I'm on the topic of checking in, let me just say that the process was excellent. We received a call at about 5pm on the day we were scheduled to arrive and were told to give a call when we were there so that the gate would be opened up for us. We were directed to our spot and finished the checking in process the following morning which was good because it was 10pm when we arrived. We have been avid RV'ers for a year now and it's taken us that long to be able to get into Fiddler's Cove. I think it's due to the fact that there are a lot of homesteaders there or not everyone who makes a reservation under active duty IS active duty. Either way after trying to get in to the cove for a year I was underwhelmed. I will say this though, it is infinite times better than the poorly maintained parking lot rv park down the street at Silver Strand but even that dump allows open fires. If you like RV parks where everyone is in their rig by 7 this is the spot for you! Enjoy! ;)
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