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California 170784
Sept. 26-29, 2016
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The location of this park is great. The views of the Pacific and the coastal area packed with surfers is a freebee. During check-in we were advised that the computers had been down and had some problems getting our rv sites due to RVers that decided to stay a couple days extra. Got that fixed and everything fine. My guest use the facilities and advised that he found them to be disgusting. I figured it was due to the non-stop traffic of surfers traveling from the state park along the beach to the military side beach for waves. The sites did not appear to be well maintained as trash and food was littered around my site as well as my guest's site. Anyway, still a great park. On check out day, I almost go a shock of my life when the 50amp box facing came out when I tried to unplug. Fortunately, I was able to keep my fingers out of the opening and not let the wires touch the metal box. I should have flagged the Marine Corps Safety vehicle traveling thru the park when I pulled out of my site. Even with the negatives, this park is great, it just needs a little more TLC in the maintenance area. 
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