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California 112989
9-12 & 16-19 Sep 2016
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1st stay: Arrived at 1:45 PM on a Thursday. Brochure, phone message and sign on the door all say the office is open from 0830-1200 then from 1300-1530. My wife went to the office where an Open sign displayed in the window, knocked on the door but the guy in the office would not answer. She then called the office number and he finally acknowledged her. When we made reservations a few months back I asked for a parking site where we could get satellite reception. Amy assigned us to site #3 for that purpose. During check-in we were told we had been moved to site #61 which we knew has a tree blocking to view to the south. At that time we were told there was no other sites available so we proceeded to our site, backed in and with some maneuvering, got the TV working. When my wife walked back over to the office she was told we could move to another site if we wanted. What? So, if you are assigned to a site or make a request for a specific site when you make a reservation, you may or may not get that one when you arrive. My recommendation would not even assign a site when you make a reservation, just wait until your arrival. During check-in you are required to not only sign the “rules” sheet but you must now initial all 21 rules individually and then sign. I don’t think we got the memo that Tony has returned to Travis. There in no longer any internet available in the park and if you want cable TV you are required to go into Fairfield to get a cable box. They are no longer watering most of the “dogs” parking sites and it looks terrible in that area. 2nd Stay: Arrived on at 11:25AM on a Friday. Same problem with being moved to another site. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind being moved but at least take my preferences into account. The Verizon cell signal is weak at Travis but with a booster we are able to get 2 bars of 4g service.
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