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July 10, 2016
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Not having a reservation, and arriving on a Sunday, I went to the "Fam Camp" office to get the number for the host. They are very helpful, and found me a spot for a couple of days. They meet me at the park with a hostess packet and showed me where the spot was. They were very friendly. After hook up I took a shower and watched some TV. Things at this point are great. After about one hour I get a knock at the door. I answer and a gruff little man asks what my name is and lets me know that I can't just pull in anywhere I like. I try to explain that I got help from the number at the office and he tells me the guy was wrong. At this point I can tell you I will not be back. I thought the first part of this was great, but it's people like the little old bitter man that makes camps like this unwelcome. The whole thing could have went differently with a different attitude. I would think the purpose of a camp Host is to make the camp nice, help people, make them feel welcome. Starting this June I stayed at Grand Forks AFB, Minot AFB, William Henry Harrison, Mountain Home AFB, Kingsley Field, and now here. I had great fun and all of these places were great in there own way except this one. Even if the Base is fun, this one person will ruin this camp for me, and that is sad.
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July 11, 2016
We wanted to take this opportunity to comment on Retusaf97’s posted review. We stayed at Beale for two months in 2014 and returned for a short stay in May of this year. During our 2014 visit we met that “old man” you referred to in your post. At that time he was fairly new as the Camp Host and was very friendly, in fact, on many occasions we saw him walking around the park, chatting with the residents and giving little treats to the dogs. I recall a conversation I had with him and he stated that he would be staying about one year as Host and then he would be moving on to a new location. We were surprised to see that he was still at the Park when we returned in May, 2016. We noticed a change of personality in him when we returned in May. The friendliness that we enjoyed before seemed to have diminished and we no longer seen him walking around the park. We also noticed that he has taken on additional responsibilities in managing the Park that were previous done by an MWR employee. We are not trying to defend his actions or negate your review. Without trying to be too presumptuous, we believe that there is a “senior citizen” who served his country with honor and now needs to evaluate his current status and decide what quality of life is best for him now and in the future.
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