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Mar 8 - May 6, 2016
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We have hesitated and delayed writing another review of the Twilight Dunes RV Park after ending our two month stay.  The main reason for the hesitation is the RV Park has a new manager and we wanted to give her a chance to be successful.  The new manager is also the manager of the Sleepy Tortoise lodging which oversees the RV Park.  Anyway, a few days before we left the Park I had an interesting discussion with her while she was conducting her first inspection of the RV Park.  I shared by insights about the RV life style, as well as, the good and bad things about the Park.  She displayed a lot of enthusiasm with her new responsibilities and I wished her success.  Shortly after her inspection she sent a memorandum to every site restating a list of specific RV Park policies and regulations.  In her memo she stated that many of the occupants in the RV Park were in violation of the policies and regulations.  The memo also stated that the violators had seven days to correct the violation.  We left the Park before the seven day deadline so we don’t know how that mandate worked out.  We will be returning to the Park in September and hopefully we will notice some improvements.  The Park is a mess and needs a lot of TLC to get it looking like a decent RV Park again.  We still believe that it is shameful that the occupants have to resort to using wooden pallets as patio’s in order to enjoy their outdoor activities.  Using the pallets to keep out of the mud is very reminiscent of Vietnam War era combat outposts.  I give credit to the occupants for taking the initiative by using the pallets, however, I discredit the management at all levels for not providing concrete patio slabs.  Yes, I know it will cost big bucks to construct concrete slabs but I am also pretty sure that the NAF’s can be found somewhere to improve the Park.  Maybe the MWR folks should start “thinking outside of the box” to solve the problem and not so much about merit pay increases (Excuse me, just venting).  In my previous review I mentioned a concern about the amount of automobile traffic and how it was kind of “spooky” to walk in the Park at night because you really can’t judge the speed of oncoming headlights.  Well thankfully, I wasn’t walking my dog on the night of April 9th.  One of the good perks when staying at Twilight Dunes is you can get a key to a mailbox and receive mail at the Park.  On April 9th, someone attending an outdoor cookout at one of the RV sites had one-to-many hotdogs and decided to take a shortcut through the mailboxes as he left the outing.  There were five mailbox pedestals in the Park - now there are two healthy pedestals and one not-so healthy pedestal.  I will attempt to upload the pictures of the mailboxes.  As you will see, three of the pedestals were completely destroyed and have been hauled away.  By the looks of the tire tracks it looks as though the pedestals didn’t stop a vehicle determined to continue its journey well beyond the boxes.  Can you imagine that instead of mailboxes,  it could have been a human being? 
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