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Mar 8, 2016
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We have been coming here for several years and usually stay a few months to be near family, as well as, enjoying the area.  Twentynine Palms is definitely a high desert climate.  When you come to a climate area such as this, you need to be prepared for the arid climate, low and extremely high temperatures, high velocity winds, blowing sand and dust.  We have been able to tolerate those conditions by using portable room air purifiers, a small room humidifier, and absolutely two air conditioners.  And never, never go off somewhere and leave your awning out unless you want it destroyed.  During a stay a few years ago, we were sitting out on a beautiful calm day when a rogue gust of wind destroyed our awning and support arms in a fraction of a second – an expensive lesson was learned.  We have only been here for four days so far on this two month stay and we wanted to write this review before we became too complacent and overlook things that bring discredit to the RV Park and the Marine Corps.  Yes, it is true that the RV Park has a lot of homesteaders; active duty and base employee’s that have been here for years.  We have no problem with that as long as it does not prevent short stay visitors from getting a site.  You can read about the physical characteristics of the park in other reviews – some sound pretty dismal.  What is sad to see is the curbside appearance of the homesteader’s sites.  In order to improvise for the lack of patio slabs many have installed wooden pallets to serve as a patio for their outdoor living activities.  The alternative is dirt/sand which presents many other challenges.  Next negative: it is difficult to believe the amount of traffic that uses the RV Park as a thoroughfare to and from the adjacent housing area.  Not only is there a considerable amount of traffic during the day, as well as night, but many are traveling faster that the posted 15 speed limit.  Fast moving cars are kind of scary to encounter when walking your dog, especially at night.  And finally, let’s talk about pets.  The RV Park has clearly written rules and regulations regarding pets, however, those rules seem to be ignored by RV Park and adjacent housing residents.  It is sickening to see the amount of pet feces in the pet walk areas and the dirt areas surrounding the park.  There is one homesteader who completely ignores the on-a-leash regulation.  Another topic:  We are from the east coast and do not have base decals on our vehicles.  Previously, you were required to obtain a permanent decal or temporary base pass for the duration of your stay.  We must give a big kudo to someone who made the decision to change that policy.  Retiree’s no longer are required to have the decal or pass.  It is our understanding that only active duty are required to have base decals.  Oh, by the way, the monthly rate at the RV Park is going up to $375 per month on April 1st.
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