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California 75478
Febuary 2016
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This is another park that where you end up being parked will affect the quality of your stay.  There are three areas; a new addition of eleven sites with full-length double-wide cement pads, the main section with pads and a patio, and the "tarmack" area, a parking lot with hookups about two blocks away.  We had mixed feelings about this park.  The host is a great guy, but there isn's a lot of communication between the Navy Lodging reservation site and the local personnel.  Making a reservation online won't work, you'll have to call, and even then you won't know where you'll end up on arrival.  The commissary is very small but has all the necessary items, but the NEX is very sparse, more like a shoppette with a uniform section.  Shopping is eight miles away with a nice mall area about 12 miles.  Entering the base, stop short of the gate so that the guards can open the truck gate to the right of the gate.  On the negative side, the aircraft noise, even if you enjoy the "sound of freedom" is excessive.  Most weekdays, the jets take off at 0700 and fly until 2200.  Since they're generally practicing carrier landings, they're low and slow, and the pattern is right over the park.  It's bad enough that there are nights when you can't hear the TV or have a conversation.  Surprisingly, the Blue Angels practice isn't a problem.  That was OK for a month's stay at $300/month, overpriced at the current rate of $350/month, and a joke at the future rate of $400 month.  Not worth a return trip for us.
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