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Jan 4 - Oct 13, 2015
(Updated: October 08, 2015)
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camp san luis Obispo sits half way between morro bay and san luis Obispo, on the ocean side of the coast hwy,7 1/2 miles (as the crow flies) east of the pacific ocean. it is a small national guard base with only 12 R.V. spots. there isn't much here except the quiet, the pure relaxation of it all is worth every dollar you spend here. what could be better ? well, heck ! who wouldn't want all this plus a place to store your rig? well, want no more, I got a call from major Johnson telling me that they had just set aside a storage yard for our rigs. even If you never stay at SLO, who wouldn't want to store their rig this close to the ocean. the rates are way more than fair, you get a 15 foot wide spot in a hardpack lot with a 6' chain link fence topped with barbed wire. while its not for me to say what they charge, I can tell you that it is $18.00 a month less than Lemoore was charging me. consider this when you decide it's better to store your rig than tow it every time LA gets the best of you. the folks here are really good to deal with. yes the camp is small and has very little in the way of amenities, but when all you need is a quiet place where the deer wander through your R.V. spot, well this would be it.
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