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27-29 Mar 2007
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Visitied for a couple days this week, going back for a week next month & 2 weeks in June. Location on the beach is great. The only less than excellent marks are for restroom/bath facilities and laundry. shower/toilet house is basically "open air". There is a roof over the actual facilities but the showers are are open to the elements except for a shower curtain. There is a wall around the area so that there is protection from "prying eyes" but not cold, wind, or rain (in the unlikely event that there is rain in the area). Be sure to wear shower shoes in the entire facility as the cement floors are slippery. Cold, wind & possible fog are givens at most CA beaches even in the summer. Be sure to have a jacket/sweatshirt as it can be really cold and windy even in the summer. The sun may be hot but the shade can be cold. The laundry area has seen better days and the price is on the high side for on-base facilities. There is plenty of sandy beach for all in a prime surfing area of SoCal. Bluff sites are best for 5th wheel as they are back in the the view is to the back. Some RVs went front-in instead of back-in and took the water and electric under the rig so that they still had the view. There is no specific dog area and little grass for them but they are welcome except for the actual beach. Nice, friendly staff. The positives outweigh the negatives by far.
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