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September 2015
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I would like to say that we have stayed in Military Campgrounds all over the U.S.A. The key word being Military. When we use these facilities were are always grateful and deeply humble that service to our Nation, in our case Vietnam and 30 years of service have given us the benefits such as this Ocean front park. This Park either does not enforce rules or has none. A Limit on the number of guests, number of vehicles, number of tents etc cannot possible be within in any reasonable guidelines. As an example my "neighbors" have around 10 folks, two tents and three cars, some in their party are sleeping in cars and they decided it was ok to "party" until almost midnight before I asked them to please shut up and go to bed. Since they set up their camp two feet from our motorhome it was impossible to sleep, even with windows closed. I am wondering who the Veteran or Military Person is who sponsored these folks here? and if that person is actually here? I intend to ask. You might be thinking ah an old person just wanting to complain, but I will tell you we like to laugh, drink and swim as much as anyone, however we would never dream of making others miserable for our antics. I also noticed a "tent" on a car, have never seen anything like it very unique custom made sleeping tent with a ladder for access, much like a storage compartment but actually collapsible tent, I love that idea, but when you have one space with a motorhome, tents, folks sleeping in and on cars its too crowded. I would like to know that our Benefits such as this "Paradise" on the Pacific Ocean can be preserved for future "warriors" but without some rules and limits I am not hopeful for Del Mar RV Park.
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September 29, 2015
I want to clarify that the above review was in hind sight perhaps sent in haste. I have been told that the Park would not object to folks sleeping in cars because it is better than sending them home if they have been drinking. Now that I applaud and it certainly makes me feel safer that our Military is wise on this Issue. Actually overall I was just too critical I think because they have explained their policies politely to me and I am now a "happy camper" Thank you Del Mar Beach for making our stay here wonderful and please excuse my hastily sent review. I can only blame it on lack of sleep and frustration.
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