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Aug 5 - 17, 2015
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It took me some time to decide to write a review of this FamCamp because well, Beale is Beale and there seems to be an "oh well, this is Beale" kind of attitude, not only with the FamCamp but throughout the Base. The only bright spot was the total professionalism of the SF folks we met at the Gates. What a credit to themselves, their Commander and the USAF. Now, as for the FamCamp, everything jafluc1 said in the review was spot on, however we should mention several other significant issues. First and foremost, it is infested with rodents. We counted 12 dead rodents and 2 dead birds in the drainage ditches on the west and south sides of the campground. While we were there our puppies killed no less than six others around our Journey, and we actually sat and watched them run up the power cable into our neighbors 5th wheel, and on the other side they were scampering throughout our other neighbor's (semi-permanent resident) outside storage. forewarned because they may not give you the briefing....we're long gone and still picking ant carcasses out of the RV. Did I mention the Mosquitoes? We used to live in the wet Midwest and have never seen that many Mosquitoes. (If you are concerned about that sort of thing, rodents with the plague have been confirmed at Yosemite, 150 miles south, and Lake Tahoe, just to the east, and west Nile is prevalent in the area). But the most concerning was the warning about Rattlesnakes. It's true....a couple we met shortly after arriving came by and showed us a pic they took of two Rattlesnakes mating just across the road from the FamCamp....we typically walked in the road and only encountered one snake (a California King...good guys, they kill Rattlesnakes)....however, shortly after we left our son contacted us and told us our neighbor out there, brought his dog out of his 5th wheel in the morning at it was bit by a Rattlesnake. (the puppy survived). People working on vehicles, permanent residents monopolizing the washer/dryers, loose dogs, a FamCamp host who does nothing to enforce the rules or clean up after messy campers, overflowing dumpsters, unbelievably, the school bus stops out there for the eight or so permanent resident children living there, and, well, enough....
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