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July 5 through Aug 5, 2015
(Updated: August 08, 2015)
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This is the third or fourth time we have stayed at this location. The quiet seclusion and the cost is why we come here and it is the only things that keep us returning. This review is for those of you who generally have famcamp like expectations while RVing. My biggest complaint is that well over 25% of the spots are being lived in full time by active duty and retirees. One fellow we met has been there over 3 years. Active duty expect to remain in place until they are relocated. How do I know this? I certainly did not ask. The place really looks like a low class trailer park in the areas occupied by the residents. I'll attempt to attach a few photographs rather than go on. There are no rules given to anyone when they arrive. To do so would mean that they would have to be enforced. Dogs are tied out. Kids are running around the entire park unattended. Dog crap sets where it is dropped. Multiple vehicles and storage units are adjacent to RVs. The overall lack of upkeep by the full time residents is pretty bad. Now for the rest of the RV folks who use it as intended, the staff were fantastic. When I expressed my observations they rightfully responded that they do not write or approve policy. The laundry room and community room is small but very clean. Internet is available in the community room "most of the time". The sad part is that each and every RV circle has a dedicated signal from the router, they all show full 4 or 5 bar signals, but none were ever capable of managing internet data the entire month I was here. Suggesting it be repaired since the infrastructure was already in place was met with a simple shrug of the shoulders. On the other hand, the entire region is going through a tremendous drought, all grass is brown, yet a lawn service appears every Thursday and blows dirt over the entire area by running riding lawn mowers and weed eaters. I guess if they got the contract they are obliged to go through the motions regardless. What a dumb contract. I suggested they take a little of the money going toward the dust bowl and get the internet up and running (shrug). Sorry to be so negative, but being here 30 days certainly gives one a long time to observe the obvious. Famcamp or Trailerhood, you decide.
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