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California 146048
August 8, 2015
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quick few days while out on my Sturgis run. things are good at CSLO, the place is packed. if there was one thing I had the power to change it would be the dog rules. there have been so many problems over the years at "all" rv parks over dogs. why can someone haul a dog all over the country and then leave it alone in their rv all day. I am camped across from a large motorhome, nice enough folks, but the leave during the day and leave their dog alone. it barks from the second they drive away till the second they return. then all the little ankle biters (rv owners all own a tiny little rv size dog) in the park join in the fun and games. dogs are very annoying when their owners leave them alone. I intend to campaign for a rule against dogs in the park all together. I think its silly that people have to take their dog everywhere they go. and the worse are the ones with multiple dogs. people ! not everyone likes your little sweetie dog !
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