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August 23-26, 2015
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I was here with high hopes, the location was great just south of Ventura, on the beach, Navy Base. But after my trip I feel compelled to say what was not mentioned in previous reviews about this place. First the campsite employees. Maurice is great and so were some of the veteran ladies working in the office. But then there were the young and inexperienced few that could not tell us the hours of the laundry facilities, when I asked them they just said I don't know and made no effort to get an answer. Front office. They do. It have a reservation POS or software to de conflict people moving their trailers everyday. I was there for four night and I moved my trailer three times to three different sites. There is zero effort from the employees to deconflict this disappointing experience. Campsites. One thing that made moving every morning was the campsite design. It has very narrow one way roads the straight back in sites only. Talk about a pain in the butt to get into, and you have that to look forward to every dam morning. Mosquitos. The campground in right on the beach, but behind it and all up the coast to the north is stagnate water marshes that produce Mosquitos by the hordes. You get eaten alive once the sun goes down. They always find a way inside our trailer and feasted at night. Everyone on my trip had over 50 bites from head to toe that itch still after a week. This is the reason I will not return, you cannot escape the Mosquitos. Last thing is the beach. If you are expecting to have some fun in the waves, this is the wrong beach. There are no waves to ride even a body board on.. Just slippers that crash into the sand. I was expecting something better or just some kind of wave I could let my kids ride a boozy board on. Not here.
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