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California 210652
April 27-May 01, 2015
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We have gone here a number of times since it opened. We almost always have a great time. I like to bike and keep an eye on the ships and activities. This time was a little different. The security forces were having fun playing with their toys. Strange having to tell another retired member what a gattlin gun sound was. The weather was great. I peddled my legs off. I have to certified for the watercraft. They look like fun. If I had to say anything in way of warning there is one older employee up front, I think his name was Bob, he really needs to work on his public courtesy. He seemed to find it necessary to inform that I was riding on HIS sidewalk. (Thought it was ours?) Since he was the employee and I was the customer I can't see where he got his manners. I wasn't even going faster than slow walk. No need for the attitude. It kind of soured me on ever going back and if I ever do I will stay away from HIS building.
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