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January 2015
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This is really an example of great potential poorly executed. While the limited staff is friendly, many days no one is present, the park is poorly set up and maintained. First the upgrade of landscaping is an unmitigated disaster. Whoever did it has no idea of the usage of RV parks. The pull throughs have river rock that is difficult to walk easy to trip and fall and has cinder rock where you need to kneel down for hookups etc. Pet rules are a joke. Our next door camper was long term with two vehicles and two units on one site. Now the pets. Two chihuahuas crapped all over the grass you had to use to get to the rocks to get to the tanks. Of course if you stepped back at all you had dog crap all over your shoes. While I was leaning into my truck I heard the door on their unit and the two evidently raced to my leg and one bit me to defend the homeland. Luckily no skin was broken just caught my jean leg. Of course these were darling dogs who did not need leashes. Don't get me wrong I love dogs but I love responsible owners more and a properly monitored park even more. Now lets talk about site management. When you arrive you usually will not find anyone available to meet your needs or answer questions. You will find a note to call the billeting office and they will have no idea or number to call to find help. Yes they do refer you to the host sites which are carefully unmarked and with no one available either. DO NOT follow the directions in Allstays as you will end up on a closed road near a permanently closed gate. Since it is a dead end...good luck if you are back there with any length. The positive...well it is a great location, quiet at night and priced right. But had this been the old SAC base it was in the day you would never have to put up with the nonsense of this parks management or lack there of.
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August 18, 2015
You hit the nail on the head.
June 26, 2017
I'm not going into details. I just want to say good luck finding any comparable RV parks at this rate anywhere within a 2 hour drive of LA and the ocean.
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