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1 October thru 1 March, 2015
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As the outgoing host I am submitting this review. If you are staying here for a day or two you'll not know about anything wrong with this camp but if you are a week or more you will notice the following; This camp has two tv lounges which close at 2100 hours. each building here has mens and women's showers and laundry with pay machines. At present the mens showers in the "new" building has been under a work order for over a year now, and recently one lady's shower in the new building is now out of order. The old lounge and bath facilities are in an old Korean war era building, its cold in winter and hot in summer, some renovations have been completed but there are still major issues with the safety of the building. As for the staff, the office clerk never leaves his office except for lunch or to go home. He is unable or unwilling to handle issues that come up between the campers, as a host we've never felt he supported us, but leaves us to handle all issues. The main office does not include us in their meetings, discussions, and never invites us to their special gatherings, again no support from MWR. When we signed on to host here we were told we'd work one week on and one week off, but after the first month when the old hosts left we've been alone and have worked the last 4 months with no time off. There are many active duty personnel here and a few full-time civilian campers, mostly dod civilians in support of the bases NASA mission. If your planning on hosting here, I suggest to continue your search, if your camping here be ready for old, outdated systems, uneven rv spaces due to tree roots, and tight quarters between all spaces except pull thru. There is a tent area which the staff allows homeless to stay for extended times and there are only 50amp electrical connections so if your rig need 30, you should buy an adaptor before arriving. The bases security is tight but no tighter than any other active military base.
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January 29, 2015
Hugh - Thanks for this assessment of your hosting experience with VAFB. I wish I could say that your experience was possibly an exception, but I do not believe it was. I have witnessed similar situations at other FamCamps; and I hosted at Ellsworth two years, and experienced much of what you did, reference the interface with MWR. Not to beat a dead horse here, but any future hosting position will come only with real assurance of base/MWR support.
March 24, 2015
I have to disagree with you here, I received plenty of help from the staff when I brought my problems to the young man behind the desk rather then taking them to the camp host. He addressed every issue I had and answered all my questions. You may have had a poor hosting experience, but I have to say that as a patron I had a poor experience with you as a host, there were many occasions where I would look out my window and see you or your wife guzzling down beer and strutting around barefoot. To me, I felt like you two where quite unprofessional. Seemed like you were more free vacationing than camphosting.
March 25, 2015
In reply to an earlier comment

Not sure just who you are referring to here, but I (JohnandMari) have not hosted for four years, and never at VAFB; my wife doesn't drink at all, and I assure you neither of us have ever walked around barefooted and drinking in any FamCamp we have hosted.

Was your post just to get a rise out of someone - are you a troll?

John and Mari
March 26, 2015
In reply to an earlier comment

John - If you take a closer look I was not replying to your comment, I was making a comment on hfechtler's post. Sorry for the confusion, I will edit the post to and put "Hugh-" in front of it. I am not trying to get a rise out of someone and I am not a "troll", just a man trying to share his experiences so that people know what to expect when dealing with hfechtler's style of camp hosting.
4 results - showing 1 - 4