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California 170784
March 2014
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This is difficult because, like all good things, my favorite place is being loved to death. The environmental degradation is obvious. The sand and beach sites are permeated with fragments of plastic fringes from toys, pieces of candy wrappers, juice pack straws. Instead of using the beach, I saw parents digging away huge chunks of the berm to make play areas. Apparently it is a trend, erosion be darned. The lack of environmental concern is concerning. We watched kids tear down the shrubbery from the adjacent state park to bring back into the base to make campfires. Management are into groups because they are profitable, and they are many. The parking and traffic resembles any popular Southern California beach on weekend evenings. On the weekends and holidays, some regular sites had 20 occupants. This, of course, has had an impact on the facilities. Nevertheless, the location is spectacular and the beach can be empty during the week. Beach sites are discounted $8/night from November through March. Hospitality shines, cleanliness is taxed by the crowds. The beach sites are scheduled (once again) to be closed for renovation in January. Word is that the remaining vegetation will be taken out to squeeze in more spaces, which can't be good.
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