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California 213603
July 14 to 21, 2014
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I've been waiting and watching for this park to open for a couple years. When I made my reservation I had to change my summer plans to get a 7 day block here and then had to accept a move to a non-water front site four days in to it. The place is packed and I'm pretty bugged that they have two sets tenters in full hook up sites and NO tenters in any of the tent sites! I had a conversation with the grumpier of the two women working the front desk on the day I had to move. I asked her if I had a shot at getting in next summer if I called right at the six month day for a reservation and she said "probably not", that active duty is booking like crazy for next summer and they get to book a year out. I really don't like bringing negative stuff on here so I'm hoping I'm wrong and we all have a shot a getting in here. If the retirees are shut out because we can't book a year ahead then I hope they come up with a system that spreads the happiness better. I had a great time here. Visited with friends and family and really enjoyed the area. Navy North Island is really nice. They have a great beach on base and good places to eat and a nice commissary/NEX. If you can get in here you should.
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