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Week of June 28, 2014
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All I can say is HELP! This campground needs it desperately. The showers in the "new" men's bathroom are closed so this leaves only the showers in the old bathrooms open and one of those is not working very well, and these are locked at 10PM each night! There are dogs EVERYWERE! I have a dog, 1 dog, not 3 or 4. Dogs are barking all hours of the day and night. People come here to relax, and they can't. When the guy in office is told (he looks like he just woke up) he is no help. Says that if we have a problem to call the police. Surely it is his job to monitor what goes on and help with people with their concerns. The pull through spaces need attention, very uneven pavement, not mowed, watered or cleaned up. The back in spaces are nothing more than parking lots with rigs one on top of the other, in some cases almost touching....where is the safety consideration? Some people have so much "stuff" outside it looks more like a trailer park than a campground. I mean really, who goes camping with 30 plants! Even though this camp is in bad shape, the camp hosts, Mary and her husband, were very friendly and helpful.
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