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May 2013
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Since 2005 I have stayed at 30 Air Force, 9 Army, and 9 Navy/Marine Corp FamCamps; many more than once. I rate Quantico the worst and Twilight Dunes in Twentynine Palms, CA second worst of all I have stayed at. This FamCamp has no Rec Center/club house, laundry, bath house/showers, Wi-Fi, picnic tables, or fire rings yet they recently raised their monthly rate $50 to $350 for 30 days. You park on sand that has become quite rutted from blowing sand and I have never seen them level the sites after someone leaves in the 14 different extended periods of times I have stayed at this FamCamp since early 2007 because of family stationed there. I understand active duty now can stay at the FamCamp as long as they have orders assigning them to MCAGCC. They have turned the FamCamp into an extended housing area and I recently had a reservation cancelled because they were full yet one retiree or civil service worker has been in the same site since March 2007. I have seen RV’s remain empty in the FamCamp with no electric, water, or sewer hooked up to the RV for periods in excess of 30 days. I have known wives who stayed at the FamCamp while their spouse was deployed. They have a fairly new Base Exchange and you can get gas and diesel on base but it is not always the cheapest in the area as I found out using the Gas Buddy iPhone app. The commissary has changed what they carry and one has to shop locally for quite a few items they no longer carry. Most branches of the service have stopped issuing basepost stickers. This installation requires them but unless you are stationed there you have to get a vehicle pass as they will not issue stickers to retiree’s and the office that issues the passes is no longer open on weekends. Additionally, they still do 100% ID Card checks at the gates. Attending grandchildren activities on base I have found most soccer fields, tennis courts, etc., are laid out east to west whereby one side always has the hot afternoon sun in their eyes. The Twilight Dunes web page on here says reservations may be made a year in advance which is no longer true; six months at best if you reach a friendly clerk at the Sleepy Tortoise Lodge that also is in charge of the FamCamp. They very seldom visit the FamCamp and call you the afternoon of your scheduled departure to see if you have left. I believe the manager of the FamCamp does a monthly walk through. You used to be able to get an extended stay of up to six months but they have changed that to 30 day stays that are extendable if no one is waiting to get in. Not a well-run operation to say the least.
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