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In the 1980's we drove to Big Bear Recreation Facility in a small Dodge pickup with camper shell. We spent two nights sleeping in the back of our pickup while enjoying the Big Bear area. I am sure the campground is very different by now. 7000 ft. elevation. Driving advice from The Front Grade - 1. The most popular route is Highway 330 from Highland to Running Springs, which turns into Highway 18 from Running Springs to Big Bear. This is the shortest route to Big Bear from the greater L.A. basin, San Bernardino, San Diego, and Orange County. This route is winding with some very tight and narrow sections. The Scenic Route - 2. The most scenic route is Highway 38 from Redlands. It is longer, adding about 10 to 15 minutes to the average drive time, but the road is easier to drive and usually has little traffic. This drive will enable you to see areas of the Grogorino Wilderness Mountain Area, just look out for wild animals that frequent this route. The Desert Route - 3. The third route is from Victorville to Big Bear. This route has the least amount of mountain driving, beware because it is very steep (up to 16%) and twisty. This may be the easiest drive overall, especially during the winter months when snowy conditions exist, but it is not easy if you are driving an RV or towing a trailer. This is the shortest route from Las Vegas and the high desert, but the longest from all other areas.
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