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California 67061
Feb 5-11, 2012
(Updated: February 11, 2013)
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This is a pretty good FamCamp. Easy access through the main gate. There is grass and the sites are easy to get into. There is a large commissary and exchange, though it is quite a drive to them. There are a couple points, however that need attention. The internet service is very weak and sometimes only works if you access it from the office building. They took out the dog run to make room for new sites but haven't installed a new one. There is a very good place just behind the office that does't look like it would be good for anything else. It even has a fire hydrant. The park has no designated pet walk area and does not provide doggy bags so a number of disrespectful guests let their dogs go anywhere and don't pick up after them. I was told that there is no trash can in that area for dog refuse because the staff would have to empty it. Gee that would be too bad wouldn't it. Staff seems to do enough to keep their jobs but not much more. The camp hosts are very friendly and helpful but have limited power to make any changes.
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