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California 72905
29 Dec 12 - 3 Jan 13
(Updated: January 19, 2013)
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Truly a No Frills place. We stopped here so we could visit the Hearst Mansion and check out some wineries (the wineries are abundant). The RV park is a it of a distance from the gate, really away from everything. Close to the highway, you get a hint of noise, but no quick access. It is obvious that they are working on making this Famcamp a nice stop. There are new sites with great utility islands. Currently a lot of dirt in the "yard space" but it has been plowed and leveled like they plan to see or put in more sites. There is plenty of gravel in the new sites but the low spots in the roads were evident when it rained. We were certainly at Camp Roberts during a slow time for the camp so I can honestly say it was quiet and uncongested; just the opposite of what it is probably like in the summer during training sessions. I shared all this so you understand the starkness of the park, but to be sure, this is a great value if all you want is a safe place to park your RV while in the Paso Robles area.
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