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August 2012
(Updated: July 26, 2014)
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This review is for the Beach Trailers only. These are the 6 or so, three room trailers they have that are in the back area of the parking lot. DO NOT STAY IN THESE TRAILERS!!!! The trailers are in such disrepair that they should not be rented. The one we were in was old, outdated and worst of all FILTHY. Not just Marines having a good time type wear and tear. But dirt and yuck in numerous area's. Stuff on walls, air vent covered in filth, crud stuck to floor, filthy mess under furniture, I could go on but you get the picture. This trailer had not been cleaned properly for a long time. When I booked the trailer it was because it was all that was available. I did not see any reviews or any info on the trailers. So I could not make an informed evaluation. So I want to make a post for families who may be considering the trailers. DON'T DO IT. After I arrived I was told that these trailers would be removed soon. I think the sooner the better. By the way the staff on property was wonderful. The Manager and front desk clerk were especially helpful.
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January 20, 2014
I do believe that you are talking about San Onofre, that is on the North end of Camp Pendleton. Del Mar does not have any trailers, they are all cottages.
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