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June 23 2012
(Updated: August 13, 2012)
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The villas are really enjoyable, very easy on the budget, and very picturesque, so long as you understand a few things: 1. If you are active duty, they will tell you the villas are only available to book 12 weeks in advance. This is a lie. Say you need the villa on Friday, April 8. Call in 12 weeks prior to Friday, April 1, and reserve the cottage from April 1 through April 8. An hour later, call back to cancel the April 1-7 dates. Voila, beach villa reserved 13 weeks early. Everyone except us already knows this, apparently, and nothing was mentioned of this witchcraft when we went in to ask about reserving a beach cottage for our wedding. Imagine our surprise to find the cottages we wanted completely booked 12 weeks out! Magical! 2. If they claim to have reserved you adjoining units, MAKE THEM POINT OUT THE UNITS ON A MAP, IN FRONT OF YOU. We were twice told we had adjoining units, and we didn't find out we were being lied to until we actually went to the base and looked at the villa address numbers they gave us. Make them point that out on a map. Maybe more than once, if need be. No joke. 3. Don't expect any special treatment. There's no early check in or late check out. Our wedding location was conveniently next door to Del Mar's scenic laundry/shower facilities. I am appreciative of the fact that Del Mar resort has allowed us to have a beach wedding within our modest budget. However - it is not a "resort," it's a (very nice) campground, and if you think of it as such, it's infinitely less frustrating.
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