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(Updated: August 05, 2012)
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We've been coming to Mugu from N.W. Montana for 4 years. I'm a Retired D/V. Last year 2011, we weren't sure we could afford it, what with the gas prices so high. I decided to make it a working vacation. As such I would be in need of internet services. I called before we made reservations to make sure WiFi or cable was working. Was told it was working fine. Of course, when we got there it was down stayed down for 3 weeks. Was told the "Server" was down and that they couldn't afford a new one. "SERVER"????? Come on gang, you can do better that that... Upon arrival we got another surprise. Surprise!!! We've raised our rates. Not a couple of bucks, or even 5 bucks, but went from $23.00 to $30.00 a day. Gee, that might have be nice to know when we made our reservations. And it wasn't even indicated on the Web Site. Thought we might have trouble getting home with that extra expense and having to rent a Verizon WiFi modem for work. Not a happy camper.. However, we still love the place, but see ZERO upgrades from the increase of fees. Our site had broken glass, nails and chunks of wood all over the place. The showers, while they had been updated??? didn't even have soap dishes in the showers. Can't make the trip this summer 2012. Camp fees, gas prices, still no reliable internet service has given us enough cause to just stay home. We have so enjoyed the park for so many years, it's a shame that "MWR" here and at other military parks just don't seem to have the "Troops" "Welfare" in mind. It's hard enough just to survive and MWR doesn't seem to want to help.
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