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June 2012
(Updated: June 22, 2012)
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The review ratings lump Cleanliness and hospitality into one category, and they aren't even similar. Cleanliness: the bathrooms are unheated, essentially open-air, and really, REALLY need some help. Just go in, do your thing, don't think about it, and get out. Hospitality: these people love living in Southern California, and it shows. I was very happy with the staff. Location: the entire coast from (Long Beach) Seal Beach to San Diego is a very enjoyable train ride (or drive) from San Clemente. San Clemente is only about a three-mile drive. The campground would benefit from a small camp store, but the commissary and exchange and Firestone and gas are but a mile up the road. I really, REALLY would like to see MWR put out the $$ for wifi. Everyone uses wifi for everything these days and to NOT have it is ....well...stifling. The first two times we were there, a man and wife team delivered firewood (fire rings provided, every site), $20 per "unit". In June 2012, they had no supplier, and deliveries were not available. The train goes by at the east side of the campground about 2,000 times per day, but you rarely hear it. Bottom line: we go back every chance we get, to escape the heat of Palm Springs. We stay right on the beach (or we won't go); there is NO sewer hook-up on the beach-front sites. Not a problem; they come by on Thursdays and pump you out, and you don't even have to be there - $10.00. We really like this place!
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November 27, 2012
I am not sure which beach front site you were in, but there ARE sewer hookups in sites 2-26 along the road across from the beach!
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