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Jun 8 - 10, 2012
(Updated: June 12, 2012)
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We called to make reservations on Tuesday for a weekend stay and I was happy spaces were available. I was surprised when I arrived and found the park only about half full with a lot of choices, from along the fairways to an entire empty row. The facility is well maintained, the staff are curious and friendly and our stay there was relaxing and enjoyable. The weather was mostly overcast which didn't matter to use because it moderated the temp and the sun still poked through occasionally. The chain-link fence is still surrounding the newly constructed, but still unavailable, spaces they've built. As mentioned in previous reviews the contractor filed bankruptcy and left most of the electrical and landscaping undone. The new spaces appear to be shorter than the old ones and I'm not sure that a Class A 34' or longer will fit. They are wider such that one could almost put two RV's side by side but by the time the aluminum picnic tables, which are sitting un-assembled inside the fence, are put in place half of that wide pad will be likely be patio. Hopefully they will find funding and a contractor to finish the job soon. But we did wonder why the local Construction Battalions don't step up and provide the labor to use as training and finish the job. Overall, we had a great weekend at Fairways. Note: the URL listed above doesn't take one anywhere useful. The guy I spoke with when making the reservation said to use this one to make online reservations:
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