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April 2012
(Updated: July 25, 2014)
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New personnel have been added to the staff. Glenda who **always** handled the desk issues with perfection has left for greener pastures. We had over $2000 (two thousand) charged to our credit card by inexperienced staff member Anna who with vigor denied she did the charges (she was only one working that day)...She did a $900 and two $750 charges. Until they get things they said one guest had to move out of there spot to the overflow and return the next day--to the same spot...again Anna... that was finally straightened out by anama...also she is very very unfriendly--does not even say hi or any other form of greeting...and has severe problems with the tense of the English language and does not explain her decisions resulting in a dictatorial encounter. I strongly recommend that guests no longer leave there credit card on file at this campground. We will be back as MWR upper management was very responsive in attempting to cure the overcharges ..which should have been a very simple credit reversal but turned into a needless flurry of denials and needless activity. Otherwise see our other review here.
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