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May 2012
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Just left there a few days ago. The previous reviewer is absolutely correct about all their comments. We were there for 2 weeks & were lucky enough not to have to move, but several of our neighbors did. The couple next door had to move 3 spots over, but no one ever occupied the spot they moved from while they were there. The views are beautiful, but the beach itself is nothing to brag about. There are tons of rocks- if you want to go in the water bring some kind of shoes that can get wet. The road from the base is closed & you have to go thru the State Park entrance, It only takes about 10 minutes to get to the Basilone Rd gate at the base. There is a small commissary & exchange there. The main gate is about half an hour from there & it has a huge commissary & new exchange. Take the freeway. The roads on the campground are a disgrace. There are so many potholes & if it rains or there is a really bad tide, they stayed filled with water for a week. We didn't use the restrooms, but did use the laundry. It's $1 for a wash or dry. It was clean & there are 3 of each. The people in the office were very nice every time I stopped in there. The sites with the palm trees are definitely not level, most people had the front of their RVs on blocks. They are also quite narrow, so if you have a big rig with slides, you'll have to put the picnic table at the back of the site. I'm not sure about the ones at the north end, didn't really look at the leveling. They were also narrow tho. The previous reviewer was right, the grounds definitely need some attention. We were on the East Coast last year, stayed at plenty of military beach locations & this is by far the most expensive military site we have stayed on. Yes this has a nice view, but so did they & I really can't see any reason why this would be so much.
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