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May 8, 2012
(Updated: May 08, 2012)
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Being right on the beach is a huge plus. The employees are friendly but the reservation system and policies are ridiculous. I can guarantee that ANYTIME you call for reservations, you will be on hold for 10 to 45 minutes & don't try to reserve a site even 1 day before your alloted lead time. Check in is at 1 pm for camping, 3 pm for the "cottages". DO NOT try to check in even 5 minutes early even if your site is empty. Of course, you won't know if it is empty as they'll not tell you what site you are in until you check in. If you have to move from one site to another during your stay, you may not be able to find out where you will be moving & have to check out at noon but not be able to move into the next site- even if empty- til 1. This has happened to us numerous times. Once we moved 1 whole space & that space had been empty the entire time we were there so we could have been in that one to begin with & not had to move. We have been coming here for 6 years, & my parents came her over 30 years ago. There has been very little maintenance or updating in the last 30 years. In the last 6 years, they have put a nice childs' play area on the beach and on one the bluff. They have not done any road repair & the roads are in horrendous shape. The blacktop sites are very old, unlevel, have large holes & cracks. There used to be gravel between the hardtop sites, now there is mostly weeds. It is obvious that they have not done any weed abatement or cutting this year. The weeds are full of foxtails which is not good for the dogs. There is no grassy area for dogs or kids & dogs aren't allowed on the beach. There is a large dirt/weed field that is called a ballfield. Dogs are not allowed on the field but on summer weekends, it is filled with tents. We've never seen anyone actually play ball on it. Note that they say they have 23 camper/tent spaces & some overflow. What is not mentioned is that they have a couple group camping areas plus the ball field which are often rented to non military groups and add at least 100 additional tents on busy weekends. A couple years ago there were some extremely high tides & much of the beach was washed out at the north end of the campground. The large shade covers on the beach were all removed & have not been replaced. The main road was washed out at that time & has been closed off & on since (it's closed now) so there is no direct access to the base. Of course, the rates continue to increase with no improvement in the facilities. With the exception of the beach location, this place is an embarrassment to the Marine Corps.
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