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16 Jan 2012
(Updated: February 06, 2012)
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Excellent campground vis-a-vis location, hospitality, amenities and overall value at $900 a month minus $100 special this month (Jan-Feb). We are staying 30 days plus 14 extension. We have to say the "hill" is not bad at is not that steep and access into spaces was very easy rats or ants as some said..however we did spray ground and cables and supports every week with the plant-based eco-bug spray. Showers are very good-- and staff was VERY responsive to barking dog problem and cured right away (moved offender and told to secure the dog. Glenda and Panama were very friendly, helpful and both were sure to return calls ASAP.. This is our third, and longest, stay here at Baker and would not hesitate to come back again.. As others said it is close to everything you want in San Diego including 20 minutes down I-15 to probably one of the largest NEX/Commissary complexes in the world, certainly in the area. (32nd Street NBSD). There is a NEX gas station 5 minutes away on Aero drive, a largish VA clinic 5 minutes away, grocery and drug stores are 3 minutes down Friars/Mission Gorge..and since we are BIG movie fans, two giant AMC's are 15 minutes away in the Mission and Fashion Valley malls. And finally, do not worry about the spaces being close together.. they are not that bad...get to know your neighbors and things are great. The small valley shields a lot of the wind by the way...but this winter has been superb...75 def at Xmas and 70's all this month..low 40s at night..but get an electric heater and you save tons on propane. Hooyah... Rich and Stefanie PS- the only reason AB does not get 5 stars is that the noise level here can be high at times during morning rush hour...a 5 star place has to have it all...
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