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May 2-8, 2011
(Updated: May 06, 2011)
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Above directions are incorrect due to road problems. You do get off the freeway at Basilone Rd but turn WEST (toward the ocean) & follow the blue & white signs to the beach & RV Park. They raised the rates AGAIN!!! Last year there were 2 rates, one for military, one for guests. The military rate is gone, we all get to pay the guest rate. Isn't that special. The main road to the Beach Club is washed out. Part of the beach washed out last year. Most of the beach pavilions were removed last year due to beach problems. They could have been moved but they were just Removed. On the positive side, they have "sort of" filled some potholes that have been around for over 5 years & they have put a sun shade on the beach children's playground and repaired the upper playground. As for the rest of the facilities, there has been only minimal maintenance in over 5 years. Weeds, burs & foxtails abound- great for the dogs. It really isn't very dog friendly as dogs are allowed on your campsite & the road only. There is a weed field called a ball field (in over 5 yrs have yet to see a ball of any kind on the field) but dogs aren't allowed. They are also not allowed on the beach. We do come here because of the ocean & because it is close for a quick trip. If the Air Force Bases north of LA were closer, we'd go there as they are nicer & much cheaper.
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