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California 170948
August 2010
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Were just there & was very disappointed. We stayed on the bluff, our favorite location due to the view. The restrooms up top had NO HOT WATER for the ENTIRE 3 week stay. The bluff sites have no sewer so the restroom facilities really are needed unless you want to fold up & go dump. The dump is close, it's just the hassle of folding, lowering, etc. The "ball field" used to look like one, now it is just a giant dirt field- but still no dogs allowed on the "ball field". The employees are friendly but the overall management leaves a lot to be desired. Unfortunately, the overall maintenance seems to be going downhill since they raised the price. They have some really stupid rules such as refusing to tell you what space you are going to before 1300 on the day you are arriving or moving to another location in the park. They have rules & there is no bending for any reason. We've been here many times as it is convenient for us. It is really beyond comprehension why they can't tell you where you will be moving if you are going to another site- even if the place is half empty. What is really funny is having to move 1 spot because they booked the spot you are in for a couple days so you may be in space 38 (example) for a week, move to 39 because someone was booked in 38 for the weekend when space 39 was empty except when you were there. Why could they not have put you in 39 to begin with - or put the person there for the weekend in space 39. Lets use a little common sense here.
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