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April 28 to May 4, 2010
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What a beautiful setting. We were very impressed with the "on the Beach" location. Last year we paid $75 a night for a spot on the bluffs over Malibu Beach. We thought that was nice, but Pt Mugu is even better! The power outlet at our lot was burnt and my coach computer told me that there was an open ground. I just plugged into the adjacent lot and went to the office to report the problem. They young man working the desk could not have been less help. He suggested I move lots. I suggested he could try to think out of the box a little. The next morning I spoke to the manager. Wendy was great and very accommodating. While we were there I saw six people come look at the dead power outlet. No one brought a screwdriver or a test unit. One person asked me if I had flipped the circuit breaker on. Duh! Another "electrician" tried to convince me that it was a 220 volt outlet. (No it isn't-Duh again) I sure do sympathize with Wendy and what she has to deal with to get something fixed. Another problem we had is that no one seemed to think we would want to know that the gate we came through closes at 5:00pm and is closed on weekends. That is very alarming when you don't know what the options are. I let everyone I met know about the gate closure, and they had not been advised either. All in all it was a wonderful stay. Not too far away, in Simi Valley is the Ronald Reagan Library. They have one of the AF1 aircraft on permanent display. You can go through the airplane as part of the tour. This was very impressive. Retired Military get free admission! Wendy, thanks for all you do and best of luck to you. I know you are trying to have a nice facility there. Keep up the good work. We look forward to our next visit.
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