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California 87503
Jan 5 - 11, 2010
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What can be said about this campground. It is layed out in a strange pattern. The side by side sites are so close that if you had slides out, there would only be a foot or two between neighbors. I don't have slides and my neighbor was about 4 feet from me. I was lucky to have a site at the end with only the neighbor on one side. At $15 a night, it is not a bargain. The rock has been added to the area around the lounge/bath house and Dave is doing a great job cleaning up other areas. School kids still cut through the campground and campsites. As one person stated, between picnic table and rig. I think the camp host and his wife have full time jobs somewhere because I did not see them at all during the week. I finally saw them on Sunday. My greeting from the hosts was a wave as I went by. It looked like they were doing some minor cleaning in the area. I did not use bath house, laundry, etc. so cannot comment on them, but the last time I stayed here they were very clean. I feel this is a campground that could use more improvements to be up to Air Force standards. It is a good place to come for maybe a week but not longer.
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