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December 11 - 14, 2009
(Updated: September 14, 2011)
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Edwards AFB is a huge base, but the services and facilities are all fairly close and convenient to the famcamp. Check-in is a self-service thing like you find in many national and state parks, with forms and envelopes in a weather-proof box. First pick out a vacant site, then do the paperwork. Put one copy of the completed form, along with check or cash together in an envelope and deposit it into the locked metal post-box adjacent to the campground sign. You take another copy for your receipt, and the white copy goes into the "occupied sites" slots on the back of the c/g welcome sign. There is a camp host, but he is not involved in check-in or site assignment. All the FHU sites are level, paved pull-throughs. The bath house is clean and heated (it's a chilly winter in the high desert). The laundry room is also clean, and has fairly new machines. The commissary, exchange, and shoppette pretty well cover all your travel/camping supply needs. The base gas station also sells propane. Andy, the camp host, is a peach of a gentleman, and was helpful and caring about the campers. One annoying thing about this campground is that the kids from the base schools use it for their shortcut to/from school. In the process, they cut right through the individual campsites, and several of them went into the clubhouse and bath house, and just generally loitered there. A number of them passed through our campsite between our RV and the picnic table, all the while being generally rowdy and loud as groups of school kids tend to be. Andy said he knew this was a problem and, to illustrate the point, another group came rambling through as we were speaking. He said he's working with the schools to find some equitable solution. He also intercepted the kids and explained the rules to them. There's work in progress to cover the barren ground around the bath house and picnic shelter with a thick layer of crushed desert rock. It will be a significant improvement to the appearance of the area and minimize dust on windy days. Andy says other improvements in the works are: WIFI for the whole camp (the contract has been let and he's expecting installation very soon); A new flat panel TV and cable hookup for the club room (there is no TV now except for a small analog set connected ONLY to a DVD player); A new, fenced dog play area; four shuffleboard courts will be added to the existing tennis courts adjacent to the c/g; and an expanded tent camping area. When all these projects are done, it will be worth the $15/night price. So, contrary to the opinion expressed by the May 2009 reviewer, it appears the services squadron folks care a great deal about the success and appearance of this famcamp and that it'll be here for a long time to come. For Sprint broadband air card users, we had good 3G EVDO signal for our internet connection.
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