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March 2009
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I’m really confused about the status of the Twilight Dunes “RV Park”. It looks to be base housing for a retired Marine that runs his Taxi business out of his motor home. Several more seem to it use the park as base housing for civilian jobs. At least two rigs would make” trailer trash” mobile home parks look like an exclusive neighborhood. I can understand that Marines will stay there if awaiting housing assignments, but is it base housing or MWR sites? If it is base housing, is there not have a housing code that prevents storing junk all over the place? I have stayed in 90% of the military parks nationwide, and the only military park I have seen worse than this, was a spot in Florida panhandle that a guy erected a GP medium tent beside his rig. If this is a RV park, why are there permanent “residences” here? If used for both, why not separate the two and have the back rows for permanent sites and the front for recreational use, thereby having all the trash together and the cleaner short term stays together. Above all, SOMEONE needs to step up to the plate and clean this place up.
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