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June/July 2006
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My son 14 and his friend 15 and I went on a tour on military facilities in Calif. Having spent most of a 30 year career at the amphib base I was aware of this area. First we arrived during the day and we were just in a pickup with a canopy (just three guys so rough it) we stayed on the "dry side". First night a gravelly voiced JERK told us we were parked wrong and that we were taking 2 "UNMARKED" sites. Mind you there were 18 total spaces and 17 were empty. The next day we were gone all day and returned at night (we weren't sure we would come back so we checked out. The gate was open (due to a previous car going in) and it was about 1130 at night. We merely pulled in and set up a site in the dry area and planned to check in at dawn. We were watching a movie on our dvd player when the gravelly voiced guy and his IDIOT wife came yelling and telling us we were supposed to check in with them and there was a sign on the gate (we didn't see it because you can only see it if the gate is CLOSED when you arrive). I said I was sorry and the wife said "well we will allow you to stay this time BUT DON'T YOU EVER DO THAT AGAIN" to which I responded. %#$@ OFF!! I spent 30 years in service to my country and would not allow them to treat me like they were the owners AND that I was a second class citizen! We were out of there in 10 min. AFTER discussing the issue with MP's that were called from the base to "deal with me"!! NEVER AGAIN! Camillo CPOM(ret)
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