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California 157582
March, 2008
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My wife and I are stationed here, and basically live in the facility. While the ocean and views are spectacular, that is about it. There is an engine testing facility within the camground, and it is LOUD! Forget a quiet day of rest here. Also, the jets and planes fly right over your rig, ruining any ambiance. Tom, the camp host does a good job with limited budget. The shower rooms are clean, but the men's shower has a broken head in one unit, and there is no heat, which is needed here cause it is COLD most of the time. Most sites are 30 amp, and the 50 amp are worse location. Sporadic use of internet, some sites don't work. Our main complaint after all that, is the price. Outrageous at 690 a month (23 per day, no monthly rate). Ridiculous to charge monthly active duty this rate for ZERO amenities. Most other MWR camrgrounds in other states charge FAR less, and offer FAR more. Selling the view as the main reason this costs so much is bull chips. We were at 630 a month, and were supposed to be "locked in" for 6 months, but greedy manager insisted on collecting 690 to be "fair." fair to who? the mangers who collect good salary for 10 hour work week? I think not. I could live with the limited amenities and the noise if the price was right. We live here due to poor base housing and costly rentals in town, mostly to save on gas. If we didn't have to, we wouldn't stay here. I recommend the nearsest KOA, pay the same or less and get a HOT TUB and POOL!!
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