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Five Stars for location One Star for Cleanliness. I would give five stars for Hospitality and Super Staff but it was not separate. Amenities: Bathrooms are the pits, dirty. Washer and dryer rooms are also dirty. A guy comes, but he does not clean...civil service at it's worst. There are no other amenities, other than going in water, or walking, at the campground, Value: Four Stars Experience: Four Stars ********************************************************* Very nice staff in the office. Especially Missy, she was very helpful. Maintenance staff is way understaffed as evidenced by the the "deferred maintenance". Broken Electrical Pillars, most of night street lighting is out on the upper side. Maintenance workers at the campground do what they can and are unfailingly pleasant. **This is a good size campground, with seasonal maintenance needed due to storms. ***I have even seen the Manager out there doing maintenance, they are that short. Bathroom and Shower Rooms: Dirty, but hot water is unlimited. The are redoing the bathrooms, bathroom on Bluff / Upper Side first, then lower side. ***That will take awhile...Camp Pendleton facility crew works from 0830 to noon, lunches, then cuts off work at 1pm. They leave a truck there with a guy sitting inside, but no Camp Pendleton Facilities personal is working after 1PM. I want that job! 8:30 to Noon, Lunch, then work stops at 1PM. Really. On Fridays they stop at noon, have a barbecue, and then get in trucks in drive back to base facilities office. Dogs, supposed to be on leash, but folks do not and that is problem. One dog on dog attack while we were there. Dogs off leash on the Beach - no staff to enforce the "no dogs on beach". $2.00 charge for each dog you bring, each night you are there. The good, the beach, nice staff.
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