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Jan 26, 2022
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I stayed at Lake O'Neill in February, 2018 and enjoyed the visit so well that I made plans for a week-long stay beginning in late-January of 2022 and continuing through February 1. According to this website when I started planning, reservations for DoD patrons were available three months in advance beginning the third day of the month. However, the policy had changed by the time I called in early October and I learned that I'd have to wait until the 15 of November to reserve a spot in January. So I called today (November 15) and made a reservation. But, I could only make it through January 31 because they don't start taking February reservations for DoD patrons until December 15! To make matters worse, the rate for DoD patrons went from $30/night to $49/night (63%) in three years, and I had to pay for the first night to secure the reservation. The deposit is refundable up to 31 days in advance. So, I'm rethinking my plans and have added a reminder to my calendar to cancel 33 days in advance if I decide to go elsewhere (31 days in advance is a Sunday!) It's a nice campground, but I'm used to paying between $20 and $30 a night at similar military campgrounds. And some of those are even nicer than Lake O'Neill.
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