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June 2021
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A few months ago I was told "My wife was concerned with the cops showing up to break up fights a few times a week so don't bother." But I figured I would check regardless of the other reviews posted here just to make sure. There is a wide selection of rvs in the parking lot next to the campground and on the parallel street where we walked on the property towards the office to find it vacant during normal business hours with the answering machine ringing off the hook. After being told by senor grumpy a** that were closed due to covid well, I guess I was warned in advance as the base campground is hideous at best and who knows maybe the fighters actually got locked up? So if you are a commanding officer and this is your base exactly how does plausible deniability work? XO? XO are you there? or you just are a part of the problem with that whole command influence thing eh?
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July 31, 2021
Febuary 2020 Cmdr Kelly retired, and the new MWR/FamCamp Cmdr took over. March Covid shut California down. AS SOON AS the higher ups in Washington decided that there was "risk" All the Famcamp RV'rs were informed that "All NON-Essential Personel" would be asked to leave after their rental period was up. Most of the people DID VACATE however there are a lot of service connected people still at the FamCamp. Yes there are empty spaces however, the base has not reopened to anyone who's not working on the base.
what gets me is there are a lot of military personnel who are receiving housing allotments, Living in their PAID OFF RV"s, in FamCamp for $17 a night!
AS OF 07/31/2021;TO THE BEST OF MY KNOWLEDGE, the "Non-essential Personnel" rule still stands.
AS Far AS the Campground being "Hideous"; The base has dismissed the Groundskeepers or not given allotments for landscaping water lines to be repaired for over a year now. The heat has been extreme the last year and a half. the base is located in the LOWER DESERT of California and there's virtually zero rain. The Camp Host's wife does try to beautify the grass up near the office, has planted foliage, has purchased out of her own money, flowers and sola lights for the pathways of the office area, along with attempting to maintain their space. While true that the landscape is hideous at best. As for the Fighting when I was there for 6 moths prior to March 25,2020, everyone was tucked away in the evenings with exception of Saturday nights in the summer when the alcohol did flow with the active duty service personnel and their wives. But there were no base police called out because everyone respected the 10 pm Noise curfew.
It really saddens me to see the decline. My experience was good.
December 08, 2021
The thumbs up vote was an accident, I was just reading about your concerns as I was thinking about stopping here and accidentally hit the thumb; I do not know how to cancell it, and I do not vote thumbs up. That said, the info is good to know, but attacking the XO/CO on a public www site is not the way to handle this complaint, and we all know this.
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