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9 - 14 January 2020
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Had a great experience. Arrived 2 hours early to check in time (trying to beat the expected rain) and Michaela at the desk checked us right in. Had a spot right up against the bay and it was very nice, and the rain did start after we had set up the travel trailer. $45/night for a bay-front spot, I believe the inner spots are $40/night. A great bargain when the private RV parks are $60-$90/night. Good Wi-Fi service (we ran it through our laptop computer and HDMI cabled it to our big TV to watch Netflix). Used the adjacent dog park and later went on the North Island Base to shop at the Exchange and Commissary (NOTE: traffic going onto the base is VERY heavy at the 2 pm shift change so avoid that time period). Diesel fuel available in Imperial Beach (just south of the RV Park) for $3.65/gallon which is cheap for California. The park is very quiet at night (had to walk the dog at 3 am) and there is little traffic on Highway 75 which runs in front of the park from Coronado to Imperial Beach. One big surprise: The Navy/Marine Corps was test firing their big machine guns on the other side of the highway and it sounded like the rounds were going right OVER the RV (I know this is not true but it sounded that close). And the Navy helicopters were flying overhead most of the time; but the flights stopped at night. I have no complaints about this. Great place to stay when visiting San Diego.
Fiddler's Cove RV Park
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