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June - August 2-19
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The rates shown are not accurate. It is 28 per day for the pull throughs and some of the back ins that now allow two spots instead of one for additional room. Weekly rate is 180. The other backins are still cramped and close to each other for 26 per day or 165 per week. I would avoid this area if I could. I really enjoyed my stay for the quiet area and the wide open spaces available for biking, walking, jogging etc. The weather is always cool and breezy. There is access to beach areas without leaving the base. The onsite staff were very friendly. The grounds were well kept. Internet was not usable and was never repaired even with constant followup. The answer seemed to revolve around one person at outdoor rec who had the password to the router but was not available. The excuse is really as stupid as it sounds. At the same time the wifi for the office was usable and it seemed that if you were connected (knew the right person) you could get the password and use that wifi as needed. wink wink nod nod, say no more. So there was really no incentive for the regulars and the office to apply any priority to fixing the camp wifi connection. Why not just make the other connection available to all if the other is not going to get repaired. This campsite has an office staff and two hosts sharing duties. I would say a bit of an overkill considering the size of the park and the reponsibilities involved. One of the hosts has dogs that are tied but pretty vicious. We decided not to walk by that area. The same host has the outdoor area around her rv looking like trailer trash. My only other observation, sorry to be so negative, was the ability for civilian contractors being able to live in their trailers. Their cost is 30 per night or 200 per week. These are civilian contractors living on base with all utilities paid for 900 per month. On the weekends the 10 o clock quiet time was not enforced as it was rotating beer time at one of the contractor sites. One of the camp hosts is directly across from this group of 4 contractors and likely never maentioned it. I will never understand any military "fam camp" which I guess is an abbreviation of family campground to allow people to stay any longer than a month. There are a group of at least three retirees that stay 6 months every summer and have been able to do so for several years running. How is this serving our active duty as a family campground. The longer people stay, the more it morphs into a trailer park and the trailer trash that generally gets too comfortable. There is no reason why anyone should not be able to drive up here and get a campsite. Too many long termers prevent family campers from being served.
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