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California 87204
June 1, 2019
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They recently opened it up to full-time RVers, which is great because the base is in the middle of nowhere and many RV parks are bad or have nothing to offer. BUT...there are no camp hosts (should offer discounted rates on two spots to be the camp hosts for after hours check-ins). The place is unkept...high grass/weeds. The sprinkler system doesn't work. One sprinkler literally shoots straight up in the air--above the tree tops! There's a laundry room and a room with an ice maker, tv, exercise bike, desk, etc. Unfortunately, the 4 AC units don't work! It's too hot to even go in the room, let alone sit in there to use anything. People come in and stay overnight without paying...some in RVs, and some come and sleep in their vehicles. It has a homeless camp feel to it. There's no playgrounds in the camp for kids. There is a skate park not far if you have older kids, they could go on there own, and a park a bit further, but again, they're not kept cleaned up. There are walking/biking trails, but many are covered with debris. They say there's WiFi, but it doesn't even work well in the building, so don't count on getting a signal at your campsite. There should be cable/internet hook up at the campsite as an option. Even a few dollars more a month would be worth it. The Monthly rate is $850 for long-term stay compared to off-base $350-$500 (some include utilities, some don't). Location is the only thing this campground has going for it and that would be ranked higher if the base restaurants and such didn't close between 7-8pm! This could be a great site with a major investment adding a covered playground as well as covered campsites with solar panels on top to off-set the electricity costs associated with it. There's obviously been years of neglect... 
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