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California 117565
June 16 - June 23 2019
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We are a 45 foot motorhome towing a vehicle. We came in on a Sunday and the only entrance was through the main gate by the RV Park. Getting up to the entrance was pretty easy. There are three lanes. Typically though, two of the lanes are closed, so everybody narrows down to one lane. That was the easy part. Be advised that there are concrete barriers beyond the entrance and we could not make it through them without unhitching the tow car. Fortunately, there is enough space after the gate and before the barriers that we could pull over and unhitch. Same thing on leaving the park. We intend to go through unhitched and then pull over to the side of the road and hitch up. The information on this web site says that pets need to be chipped and you need a sign off from the veterinary office. Nobody asked us for any of that. Also, they no longer segregate folks between pet and non pet sites. All sites can be occupied by pet owners. As we arrived on a Sunday, the office was closed. We saw our site number on the board outside the office and when we drove down to it, it was already occupied. Fortunately the space next to it was unoccupied and we backed into it. Went to the office on Monday and got everything straightened out. There is a small laundry. There are bathrooms but did not check those out. No activity room and no wifi unless you wish to buy it, hence my "3" on amenities. On the other hand, you can't beat the price and the location, so value rated a "5" 
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