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California 167444
Jan 2019
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If arriving after hours/sunset, call ahead to get security code for gate! No problem getting to RV park, did research on Google maps before hand and that helped with the final approach details. Awkward tight turn when coming from west, if really big rig be prepared for turn and gate entrance. Concur with other comments about cost of this campground and quality of sites. If it weren’t for proximity to Monterey then not really worth the cost to stay here. We did like our site and worked just fine for us but then we aren’t huge or require 50 amp service. Campground is right at the end of the regional airport and can hear aircraft noise occasionally, not excessive. Didn’t hear any aircraft late at night. Noticed neighbors don’t observe the dogs on lease rule. Wi-fi worked fine for us, does slow in the evening. Problem last night…security gate would not open. Called the emergency number posted on gate and finally got in touch with a sergeant at the Naval Postgraduate School. He was to call someone to come over and help. After about a half hour wait someone was exiting the golf course/RV park (gate automatically opens for exiting traffic) and the three vehicles now lined up trying to get into the RV park all went in the exit gate. Don’t know if anyone ever came to fix the gate. Sure expect better for the cost of this facility. Not intending to bash the Navy but really does seem like they charge more than what the other services do. 
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